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After more than 35 years we know how to produce reliable software, what our clients want from it and how to fulfil those needs. We also know that those needs are not static, so we listen attentively to meet new needs as they arise. KEL software continually evolves to match the needs of property professionals and their markets.


The KEL software development process merges the expertise of 2 teams, software professionals and chartered valuation surveyors with years of property experience. Our property professionals not only apprise the software developers with a list of needs but work closely with them to ensure that the result is compatible with users’ expectations. This results in software that is effective, transparent and easy to use.



KEL is first and foremost a service company. We have close to 200 client organisations to which we are committed to deliver prompt support when needed. When a client picks up the phone to ask for help or advice our team will normally resolve the matter within minutes. When occasionally it might take longer we will explain the issues and let you know when to expect a resolution. When required we also host our software over the Internet.

What our clients are saying

Alan Bauer - East Dunbartonshire Council

"KEL Sigma - One stop shop for all valuation data - great reporting tool.
KEL Delta - Robust development appraisal software we can use to challenge developers when assessing land values or monies available for planning"