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Powerful development appraisal software available in 3 versions. Each is capable of dealing with small single unit developments or large multi-phased mixed-use projects. 


Three simple screens allow entry of basic project data for quick and accurate analysis. As more detailed information becomes available many ancillary screens can be brought into use. Meanwhile transparency is maintained by visibly identifying access to screens containing data that can affect your results.

Easy to use

Our careful design and simple intuitive screens allow you to learn to use this program in the shortest possible time.


A range of pre-formatted reports and charts can be printed, or exported as a spreadsheet or a PDF file. As data is entered, live results are displayed onscreen, including GDV, GDC, purchase price, profit, IRR, NPV and where relevant IRR on net equity.

Cash Flow

Development costs are instantly converted to monthly cash flows that can be straight-line or S-curve. Calculations are based on these cash flows rather than approximate formulae.

What our clients are saying

Pete Webb - Bristol City Council

"When first using KEL we used it for only carrying out a small section of our investment valuations. Now we have a greater understanding of all three programs, (KEL Sigma, KEL Investment Valuer and KEL PortfolioPlus) we use them to value and review the top 200 properties of our portfolio. We find KEL an essential tool in both examining the performance of the top 200 to considering the future of a parade of shops or a small industrial estate."


KEL software is straight forward to learn and to use; however these are large programs with extensive functionality. It’s not hard to find the functionality you need, as long as you know it’s there in the first place. We have occasionally been asked for enhancements that already exist in the programs by clients who have used our software for years; they just didn’t think to look for it. Training gives our clients the opportunity to fully explore our software, fulfil their requirements and maximise usage.

We will train at your location, up to 6 people at a time, bringing as many prepared laptops as necessary. Your training requirements will be discussed beforehand and tailored to your needs.