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No other company offers the same range and depth of valuation software. We provide a choice of solutions to meet your needs. We do not believe it is enough to just provide dependable, accurate software. Whatever your system or organisation, there may be times when you need timely support. Delays can be expensive or disruptive. We’re here with prompt dependable support. Don’t take our word for it; ask our clients.

We never lose sight of the basic needs for reliable calculations, ease of access to valuable information and effective decision making tools and reports. Programs are continually being updated. We pay close attention to client requests, changes in technology and to the latest industry requirements and standards.

An introduction to KEL

What our clients are saying

David Baker - North East Lincolnshire Council

"We invested in DRC principally because it offered us a ready-made componentisation methodology and therefore enabled us to comply with requirements of IFRS. We invested in SigmaPlus due to the efficiencies it offers in permitting multiple valuations and simultaneous calculation of IRRs. Both systems also provide a clear and auditable reporting process for delivering valuations to our client."