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KEL offers an advanced yet clear approach to DRC valuations. The costs library is central to its functionality. After the first valuation, simply by updating it you can create a draft revaluation for an entire portfolio in just minutes; whether using GIA, MEA or componentisation.


Mass valuation techniques allow you to apply the latest construction rates to an entire portfolio, or any section of your portfolio. It is possible to revalue hundreds of properties in just minutes.


Intuitively value a single public yet powerful enough to value the most diverse portfolio. The database can hold an unlimited number properties and any number of valuations for each property.

Ease of Use

Our careful design helps you learn to use this program in the shortest possible time and to achieve more with less effort. Live results display onscreen the effect of any changes.

Simply by updating the costs library it’s possible to create a draft revaluation for an entire portfolio in just seconds; whether using GIA, MEA or componentisation.

Asset Management

Comprehensive database reporting, for your entire portfolio or any selected sectors. Portfolio History reports can be useful to highlight annual changes or as an aid to consistency.

What our clients are saying

David Baker - North East Lincolnshire Council

"We invested in DRC principally because it offered us a ready-made componentisation methodology and therefore enabled us to comply with requirements of IFRS. We invested in SigmaPlus due to the efficiencies it offers in permitting multiple valuations and simultaneous calculation of IRRs. Both systems also provide a clear and auditable reporting process for delivering valuations to our client."