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Calculations are live from your valuation database; no need to cut and paste your valuation data into spreadsheets.

Ease of Use

The clear workflow guides the user through the program from modelling portfolio level adjustments to cap ex and sales/purchases to rental growth, yields and void assumptions.



From preparing alternative scenarios for Investment Committee papers to stress testing whole portfolios with changing market assumptions to calculating the  portfolio effect of sales and purchases.


Uses ‘live’ valuation data supplemented by an import capability (useful for indexation and rental growth).  Allows for alternative scenarios for interim and exit valuations to be created at a ‘click of the button’.


Clear and transparent reporting of valuations, cashflows, cap ex, time/money weighted returns and loan assumptions.

What our clients are saying

Peter Scarlett - Dorset County Council

"The principal reason behind DCC acquiring KELdrc was to enable us to undertake DRC valuations, and address the issues of componentisation within those valuations, in a quick and consistent manner."