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Straightforward and intuitive to use; reports can be available in minutes that could otherwise take hours or even days to produce. Calculations are live from your valuation database; no need to cut and paste your valuation data into spreadsheets.

KEL PortfolioPlus offers a wide range of reports that can instantly adopt alternative assumptions regarding:

  • Purchases and sales during the analysis period.
  • Entry, interim and exit capitalisation rates – capitalisation rate tables can optionally be imported from spreadsheets.
  • Cash flow adjustments using alternative formulae that can be based on performance. Rental Growth Rate or Indexation tables that can optionally be imported from spreadsheets
  • Loan assumptions.
  • Anticipated breaks, voids, tenant failures or tenant risk.
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual cash flows for each property and unit within the portfolio.
  • Report subheadings can be for either standard or user-defined categories.
  • Reports can include historical data using imported actual valuations, cash flows and capex.
  • Calculated returns are both time and money weighted as well as replicating IPD type calculations.
  • Once the user has specified the required report parameters, just a few button clicks can generate alternative analysis results for the same portfolio.

What our clients are saying

David Pogson - NPS NW Ltd South Lakeland

"My reason for investing in KEL Delta was that as a manager of surveyors I wanted to bring consistency and certainty to the complex development appraisal process.  If all surveyors use the KEL process then I know that they are less likely to make errors or omissions in their valuations."


KEL software is straight forward to learn and to use; however these are large programs with extensive functionality. It’s not hard to find the functionality you need, as long as you know it’s there in the first place. We have occasionally been asked for enhancements that already exist in the programs by clients who have used our software for years; they just didn’t think to look for it. Training gives our clients the opportunity to fully explore our software, fulfil their requirements and maximise usage.

We will train at your location, up to 6 people at a time, bringing as many prepared laptops as necessary. Your training requirements will be discussed beforehand and tailored to your needs.