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Ease of use

Client feedback regularly enthuses about the transparency of our user interface. Screens are ordered to be as intuitive as possible and there is no hidden data affecting your valuation.

We believe the best way to perceive this aspect is for you to ask for a demonstration, talk to one of our existing clients or to evaluate it yourself.

Functionality & system architecture

A static market is a stagnant one; continuing to enhance software to meet ever increasing market demands is essential for software that can sometimes be critical to an organisation’s effectiveness. KEL never stops listening to its clients and incorporating new ideas into its software.

To use software jargon, KEL Sigma was designed from the start to be fully object oriented.

In simple terms this means that the software comprises modules that will interface in a clearly defined manner, thus limiting potential errors that can be introduced into one module by changes in another. A loose analogy might be the ease with which any printer or monitor can be connected to any computer, with minimal risk of unwanted consequences.

Due to its system architecture, KEL offers greater speed, flexibility and robustness when adding new features, as demonstrated by its history of rapid and effective response to client requests.

Database structure

Opening the latest valuation reveals a list of all past or current valuations, any of which can be accessed with one click. Within each valuation the database also stores alternative valuation scenarios the valuer has saved; for example best case, worst case and VP scenarios. The database can also utilise an unlimited number of user-defined property, valuation or unit categories.

This structure enormously increases the program’s ability to analyse or report data across any portfolio or an entire database. Reporting in different currencies is also supported. This can be an analyst’s delight; one that has the potential to offer commercial as well as efficiency advantages over more limited software.

Permission to view or access portfolios can be controlled by users with full administrative rights.

Reporting & analysis

KEL Sigma offers a report quality good enough to send out unchanged and a wide range of reports enhanced by the breadth and depth of its database. Reports can be in PDF or fully formatted spreadsheets, in most cases offering a choice between the two. Many reports include charts and allow data to be grouped into user-selected categories. Some examples are;

Property level reports, including:

    • A range of standard valuation reports and letting schedules
    • A range of charts
    • A range of DCF reports (SigmaPlus only)
    • A combined report; with a summary page that may include a photo, together with up to 5 user selected reports.

Portfolio reports, including:

      • Portfolio income structure (WAULT)
      • Top tenants
      • Difference report, which compares and highlights property or tenancy changes between selected valuation dates
      • A map, identifying up to 50 properties.

KEL’s system architecture also makes it relatively easy for us to customise reports.

Although KEL Sigma provides a wide range of portfolio reports a further, substantial benefit is available via KEL Portfolio, which can produce comprehensive real-time analysis and forecasting and can also incorporate actual historic data and emulate IPD type returns. 

What our clients are saying

Betty Albon - St Edmundsbury Borough Council and past ACES President

"I would recommend any local authority which owns a commercial property portfolio to purchase KEL SigmaPlus. The software is easy to use and produces realistic investment valuations; it is extremely versatile and enables surveyors to consider scenarios for asset management purposes, and produces easy-to-understand graphics. The staff back-up is excellent."


KEL software is straight forward to learn and to use; however these are large programs with extensive functionality. It’s not hard to find the functionality you need, as long as you know it’s there in the first place. We have occasionally been asked for enhancements that already exist in the programs by clients who have used our software for years; they just didn’t think to look for it. Training gives our clients the opportunity to fully explore our software, fulfil their requirements and maximise usage.

We will train at your location, up to 6 people at a time, bringing as many prepared laptops as necessary. Your training requirements will be discussed beforehand and tailored to your needs.