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Power with flexibility. KEL Sigma offers many advantages over alternative valuation software

Ease of Use

The logical workflow guides users through creating the property, adding the tenancy data and then layering on the users market assumptions to arrive at the valuation.


Methodologies continue to be added, for example, the new turnover rent feature allowing users to apply differing capitalisation rates to the ‘base’ and ‘turnover’ elements.


At KEL we are aware of the risks around valuation and seek to minimise these through good design.  Our intuitive Sigma software and robust workflow allows users to be most productive and efficient with their use of time.


Comprehensive reporting at portfolio, property and unit/tenant level allows the recipient to follow a valuation calculation with clear sight of the inputs made.  Output of all valuation assumptions at property and unit level allows analysts to incorporate into in-house models.

What our clients are saying

Glyn Poulsom - Cardiff City Council

"The principle reason for purchasing KEL's valuation software is to benefit from the excellent selection of available reports. The programs are easy to use with minimal training and the support service is excellent."