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David Pogson - NPS NW Ltd South Lakeland

"My reason for investing in KEL Delta was that as a manager of surveyors I wanted to bring consistency and certainty to the complex development appraisal process. If all surveyors use the KEL process then I know that they are less likely to make errors or omissions in their valuations."

David Ross - Land & Property Services Ltd (NI)

"Land & Property Services invested in KEL Delta in order to have a software tool for valuers to undertake development appraisals for a variety of public sector clients in Northern Ireland."

Peter Scarlett - Dorset County Council

"The principal reason behind DCC acquiring KELdrc was to enable us to undertake DRC valuations, and address the issues of componentisation within those valuations, in a quick and consistent manner."

Alan Bauer - East Dunbartonshire Council

"KEL Sigma - One stop shop for all valuation data - great reporting tool. KEL Delta - Robust development appraisal software we can use to challenge developers when assessing land values or monies available for planning"

Mark Shephard - Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead

"KEL has always been easy and fast to use yet powerful enough to handle complex scenarios."

Mike Bovis - Basingstoke & Dean Borough Council

"Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council adopted KEL Sigma to carry out a complete revaluation of our assets in 2009. We have a varied portfolio and found the valuation advice from the KEL team enabled us to value even the most complex investment ownerships using Sigma. We found the technical support excellent particularly when time critical and KEL are also proactive in taking on board suggestions for change and 'improvements' that will benefit local authority clients like ourselves."

David Baker - North East Lincolnshire Council

"We invested in DRC principally because it offered us a ready-made componentisation methodology and therefore enabled us to comply with requirements of IFRS. We invested in SigmaPlus due to the efficiencies it offers in permitting multiple valuations and simultaneous calculation of IRRs. Both systems also provide a clear and auditable reporting process for delivering valuations to our client."

Pete Webb - Bristol City Council

"When first using KEL we used it for only carrying out a small section of our investment valuations. Now we have a greater understanding of all three programs, (KEL Sigma, KEL Investment Valuer and KEL PortfolioPlus) we use them to value and review the top 200 properties of our portfolio. We find KEL an essential tool in both examining the performance of the top 200 to considering the future of a parade of shops or a small industrial estate."

Glyn Poulsom - Cardiff City Council

"The principle reason for purchasing KEL's valuation software is to benefit from the excellent selection of available reports. The programs are easy to use with minimal training and the support service is excellent."

Betty Albon - St Edmundsbury Borough Council and past ACES President

"I would recommend any local authority which owns a commercial property portfolio to purchase KEL SigmaPlus. The software is easy to use and produces realistic investment valuations; it is extremely versatile and enables surveyors to consider scenarios for asset management purposes, and produces easy-to-understand graphics. The staff back-up is excellent."

Colin Ablitt - Birmingham City Council

“Birmingham City Council, Birmingham property services use two KEL products, namely KEL Sigma and KEL DRC in the preparation of the valuations of some 300 properties undertaken every year as part of a five year rolling program. The prime objectives of the change over to KEL were the ability to store the valuations and undertake revisions with the minimum of duplicated work and expectations have been exceeded in both respects. At the same time the ability to load property details electronically and output information selected against user defined fields has proved extremely useful. KEL have always reacted to requests for assistance or changes to the product very promptly and positively and a constructive ‘partnership’ has developed. My decision to make the change to KEL some two years ago has proved a good one.”

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